We know electric power systems.

   Maximize system-wide reliability for your electric power system.

Your partner in electric power reliability

We help you solve complex reliability issues through complete power system project management. 

Our dedicated staff of engineers, specialists, and reliability professionals work to keep your power on and your operation running.

When an individual component fails and is replaced, the change can affect equipment further down the line. With our comprehensive, system-wide approach to reliability, you know that the repairs you make will improve the way your system operates.


An interdisciplinary approach to Reliability Centered Maintenance.

We know that creating a world-class electric power system requires a breadth of knowledge and experience. 

That’s why we apply our core expertise in high-voltage power assets to every inch of your system and engage with individual component specialists when needed. Industry-leading assessment and consulting by experts at the top of their fields – every step of the way.



There are more than 20 assets in a high-voltage system that must comply with regulations and industry standards. Avoid months of research with a comprehensive assessment.



Get to know every part of your power system. Systematically inventory all of your electrical assets and assess their current condition.



Establish your reliability standards based on the condition of your equipment. Learn the failure modes, understand the risk, and execute a data-driven maintenance strategy.


Prevent – and prepare for – asset failure. Realize your vision of a sustainable and reliable power system with an interdisciplinary approach to Reliability Centered Maintenance.


 Compliant. Reliable. Sustainable.

Creating a world-class industrial power system requires:

a breadth of knowledge on standards and best practices,  

a deep understanding of individual components,  

and access to the best SMEs in the world.

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Know the system. Know the risk.
Software to help you create the future.


Introducing AssetPro, the electric power asset management tool trusted by professionals. Know your system. Know the standards. Create a reliable future.

  • Identify your assets

  • Plan your maintenance program

  • Prioritize tasks intelligently

  • Budget accurately

How AssetPro works


Inventory your equipment


Realize electric power system reliability.

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